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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Epson WorkForce 840 Review, A New Multifunction Printer from Epson

Epson WorkForce 840

Epson WorkForce 840 provides a lot of valued features into its compact package. Need to know more about Epson WorkForce 840 features? This Epson WorkForce 840 review will tell you the things you need to know about Epson WorkForce 840 machine.

Epson WorkForce 840 Features & Specs

Epson WorkForce 840 is able to print, fax, copy, and scan. With Epson Workforce 840 you are able to scan any document to your personal computer, memory cards, USB drives or to email. You are also able to directly print documents from USB keys and memory cards. Besides that, Epson WorkForce 840 makes you able to print/copy multiple pages document into one single sheet. Still need more detail information about WorkForce 840? Just continue reading this Epson WorkForce 840 review.

This Epson machine comes with paper capacity up to 500 sheets, same with other standard printer. WorkForce 840 utilizes an automatic duplexer that allows you to print on both sides of paper and to scan/copy both sides of document sheets. You can connect this Epson machine to your PC/laptop via USB cable or local network available. For connecting this machine to your PC/laptop via local network, you can use Ethernet or WiFi connection as it provides both.

Good Point - Bad Point

Epson WorkForce 840 is able to print 4.5 ppm (pages/minute). To print 4-by-6 photo, it needs 1 minute 17 seconds in average. Seems fast enough for personal or home office need. The text and image quality is suitable for internal business and schoolwork needs, but not for advanced needs such as professional photo printing and impressing resumes printing. 


Epson WorkForce 840 can be good choice for students with their schoolwork and also for those with day-by-day business needs (such as for printing web pages and images). This Epson WorkForce 840 review only provides technical information about Epson WorkForce 840. We did not include the detail pricing information. Hope this Epson WorkForce 840 review helps.

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